Dt. Mehtap SELÇUK

Dentist Mehtap Selcuk was born in 1981 in Bursa. After graduating from Adnan Menderes Anatolian High School in 1999, he started university in the same year.

He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry (ING) in 2005 and has been working as a physician for 16 years. The love of working in the hospital environment, which started with the partnership of the Red Crescent Medical Center for 2 years, and then the Araf Surgery Medical Center after working in his own practice for 3 years, still continues. After 1.5 years of Medicine Hospital adventure during the waiting period as a result of the change of hands of the same institution, he works again in the same building within the body of Yaman Surgical Medical Center and is a well-known doctor in the same region since 2011. With the trainings he received over time, he implements many procedures applied in dentistry within his own body, and since the hospital gives importance to foreign health tourism, he can treat many foreign patients’ procedures with the advantage of knowing a foreign language.