What Is Full Mouth Restoration?

Full Mouth Restoration
Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth reconstruction means restoring teeth. It is called full mouth reconstruction because it is applied over one tooth and includes different treatment methods. Over time, our teeth wear out like all other structures. Care and rehabilitation processes should be used on our teeth on time.

It aims to provide the best service to patients in the future under the responsibility of dentists. An individual who has neglected dental care will need a full mouth reconstruction service. The primary purpose of this method is to ensure that our teeth thoroughly perform their functions.

In a scientific study conducted in 2011, full mouth reconstruction was performed with dental implant treatment. When scientific research is examined, it is seen that around 4000 thousand investigations were made only in this field from 2000 to 2022, when the title of “Full mouth reconstruction” is searched.

The subject of full-mouth reconstruction is one of the current topics researched in science. The importance that people give to oral and dental health is supported in the scientific area, and studies for obtaining new information are continuing. The development of technology is constantly being integrated into the dental field.

As Yamandent, we want you to know that we use modern applications by following technological developments.

Reasons to have a full mouth reconstruction

  • Missing teeth
  • Amorphous teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Worn teeth
  • Problematic gums
  • Root canal treatment
  • Infection problems that cause dental problems
  • Biting and chewing problems
  • Jaw alignment problems
  • Jaw surgery problems

What are the treatment methods?

  • Dental implant: artificial teeth that replace existing teeth.
  • Dental veneers (zirconium veneer, Emax veneer, composite veneer, porcelain veneer): It is applied for tooth structures that are damaged, deformed in shape, and have gaps between them. Tooth coatings are applied to the tooth surface, giving it a normal appearance and helping to hide cosmetic problems such as cracks and yellowing on the tooth surface.
  • Gum/bone dust: screws that replace missing bones.
  • Invisalign treatment: tooth alignment method with the help of a transparent plaque
  • Use of braces: a method of tooth alignment.
  • Use of artificial teeth (prosthesis): These are dental structures fixed in the mouth or inserted and removed.

What does full mouth reconstruction offer you?

First of all, it can offer a healthy mouth and teeth. Over time, our teeth, like everything else in life, go into a process of wear. Your teeth will wear out earlier if you do not care for yourself. As a result of a comprehensive examination, it is now effortless to get the dental health you want with Full mouth reconstruction service.

Wouldn’t you like to feel more self-confident and more energetic? This is now possible with the Full mouth reconstruction applications offered to you. It is now effortless to get rid of gum problems, crooked teeth, yellowed teeth, and teeth that appear large and small. You can make an appointment immediately by calling our Yaman dent clinic.

How to choose a suitable dentist for full mouth reconstruction?

Since full mouth reconstruction service is a complex treatment method, the service network of the dentist or dental clinic to be selected should be comprehensive. Choosing the right site becomes essential because different treatment methods can be applied to your teeth, such as dental implants, veneers, and gingival problems.

Dentists operating in the dental clinic to be selected should be competent in periodontitis, implant area, cosmetic treatment methods, and applications.

As Yaman dent, we serve with our qualified dentists in the field of dental clinics. We are waiting for you, our valued guests, with our clinic with a high degree of satisfaction.

How long is the complete mouth reconstruction treatment process?

The treatment process varies from patient to patient. The process changes as it requires methods applied extensively to patients with multiple dental problems. While some of our patients have dental implants or gingival issues, some may want teeth whitening with dental veneers.

For this reason, the treatment process varies. By calling our Yaman dent dental hospital, you can make an appointment and get detailed information about healthy mouth and teeth.

Necessary medical conditions that full mouth reconstruction can treat

Since full mouth reconstruction is a general oral and dental health procedure and focuses on solving multiple problems, it also offers experience in solving many medical issues. These common medical problems are listed as follows:

  • Dentinogenesis imperfect: It is an inherited disease. This hereditary disease, especially seen in milk teeth, must be treated early in terms of dental aesthetics. It makes the tooth color look brown and blue.
  • Malocclusion: It is a dental disease that causes alignment problems. Upper and lower teeth cannot provide a harmonious alignment with each other. This leads to chewing issues.
  • Amelogenesis: It is an inherited disease that presents tooth enamel problems. It is an actual hereditary problem affecting the tooth enamel structure and appearance of all teeth.
  • Ectodermal dysplasia: It is an inherited disease. It is a problem that affects not only teeth but also tissues such as sweat glands and sebaceous glands, affecting their development. When examined in terms of dental health, the development of tooth ridges is adversely affected due to the lack of teeth. Due to dimensional development problems, it can cause swollen lip problems.

When examined in terms of medical problems, complete mouth reconstruction treatment is essential in preventing diseases or ensuring early diagnosis.

Don’t hesitate to immediately contact Yaman dent clinic for full mouth reconstruction service. Enjoy your healthy smiles.

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