What Foods and Drinks to Avoid after Dental Implant

What Foods and Drinks to Avoid after Dental Implant Surgery?

Before explaining the details of foods and drinks to avoid after dental implant surgery, let us state that dental implants benefit the person. Dental implants are no different from a completely natural tooth. This is because the person can comfortably speak, eat and smile. In Yaman Dent Clinic, dentists want to give their patients a beautiful and functional smile.

If you have had or want to have dental implants in Turkey surgery at Yaman Dent Clinic, you may be searching for what you should eat during the 1-2 week recovery period. In this article, we’ll talk about a few foods you should avoid and eat while you’re recovering.

Importance of Dental Implant Surgery Recovery Time

In this surgery, the dentist performs a surgical procedure to insert titanium screws that act as roots for the replacement teeth. After titanium screws are placed in the patient’s mouth, it takes time for the bone to fuse with the titanium screw. In other words, titanium screw-bone fusion may take several months, and the patient must be patient. So, the patient must learn foods and drinks to avoid after dental implant surgery.

In addition, although the patient is ready to take the next step in the dental implant process, he/she must wait for adequate recovery time. In particular, the risks arising from infection are most evident immediately after the surgical procedure. Yaman Dent dentists want patients to follow all after-care instructions, including foods to avoid after wearing dental implants. And following the instructions given by the dentists after the surgery is vital in the healing process.

What to Avoid after Dental Implant?

Foods and drinks to avoid after dental implant surgery for the first week to ten days:

  • Hard and crunchy foods (nuts, potato chips, hard candies, and seeds) could damage patient’s implant.
  • Hot and spicy foods (coffee, tea, foods with heavy spices or peppers and soups) will irritate patient’s surgical site. And spicy foods cause pain and discomfort.
  • Acidic fruits and foods (citrus fruits)
  • Sticky foods (caramels) require a lot of chewing. So, sticky foods can stick to the patient’s implant site, increasing the risk of inflammation.
  • Hard-to-chew foods (some types of bread and tough steak) should be avoided.

As a result, when the patient’s mouth and teeth heal, they can resume their regular eating habits. In addition, implant teeth act like natural teeth but are easily stained. That’s why it’s essential to limit dark-colored beverages that stain depending on the foods and drinks to avoid after dental implant surgery. Thus, it will be easier to smile brightly with implanted teeth. Now, in the sub-title below, let’s give you information about the soft dental diet food list.


What to Eat After Dental İmplant?

Generally, very soft dental diet and a liquid are required up to one week after teeth implant surgery. After 1-2 weeks, the patient can add harder, more chewable foods to his/her diet. Yaman Dent dentists offer a few suggestions on what to eat after tooth implant surgery. Well, what is a soft diet after dental surgery:

  • The patient can eat soft fruits (such as peaches, strawberries, and bananas).
  • Any kind of soup or broth is a useful choice in the post-surgical process. More precisely, it is good to consume broth-like soups after the first week of surgery.
  • Dairy products are an excellent way for the patient to get protein after surgery. Let’s explain about kind of dairy products depending on the title foods and drinks to avoid after dental implant surgery. Patients can consume dairy products such as milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt.
  • In the postoperative period, the patient can consume eggs as scrambled, fried, or boiled. Eggs are an excellent choice as they are soft and nutritious.
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy and butter as a side dish or even a complete meal are a great choice for a patient who has had implant surgery.
  • The patient should not be dehydrated during recovery and should drink plenty of water.

Towards the end of the first week after surgery, food can be chewed near the implant site. The area may even feel tender or bruised and slightly sore. However, if the pain is not mild, it would be an excellent choice to consult the Yaman Dent Clinic to relieve it.

How is Oral and Dental Care Done after Dental Implant Surgery?

It would help if you avoided certain activities after you received your new implants. Let’s explain about avoided certain activities depending on the title foods and drinks to avoid after dental implant surgery. Smoking and alcohol after implant surgery can slow the healing process. Taking a break from smoking is essential before the surgical procedure for perfect oral tissue and tooth healing.

Excessive or vigorous rinses, such as salt water rinses, should not be done. Gentle rinsing with water will keep the implant site clean without causing bleeding or deterioration. The patient should avoid spitting because spitting can cause stress in the implant area.

Do not drink water or beverages with a straw. A pipette creates a suction force that can dislodge the blood clot in the surgically treated section. If carbonated drinks are consumed, the area around the implant becomes irritated. In addition, carbonated drinks should not be consumed after surgery, as they contain high acidity.

An electric toothbrush should not be used after dental implant surgery. Generally, this modern convenience should not be done for the first few days after implant surgery. Let’s explain about kinds of toothbrush depending on the title foods and drinks to avoid after dental implant surgery. The patient must brush and floss gently using a manual toothbrush.

How can I add protein to a soft dental diet?

Consume cottage cheese, protein-packed beans, eggs, and yogurt. You can add peanut butter and avocado to smoothies. Opt for softer meats such as chicken, ground beef, and fish in the weeks after surgery.

Can I drink soda after a dental implant operation?

Fizzy or alcoholic beverages may irritate the implant site. Therefore, do not drink these beverages for the first 48 hours after the surgery.

Can I eat ice cream after dental implant surgery?

Since ice cream is both a cold and soft dessert, it is an ideal food after implantation. You can easily consume ice cream after the surgical procedure.

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