Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium Veneer

There are many oral and dental health services that you can get support for to change your smile. So get an aesthetic appearance and make your life easier. One of the most supported and recommended procedures by dentists are the zirconium veneer process.

Veneering is different from other intensive and laborious processes. For this reason, most patients see this method as an easy and fast treatment.

Zirconium tooth veneer is one of the last points of oral and dental health services. A sub-type of porcelain veneer is a zirconium dental veneer. With this coating process, you get a completely natural look. In addition, you will achieve perfect aesthetics without compromising the whiteness of your smile.

You can reach your dreams much easier with durable zirconium dental crowns. These veneerings are produced with unique raw materials. Moreover, they are products that offer the advantage of long-lasting use.

Beautify Your Smile with Top Quality Treatment

Get ready to beautify your life with the special zirconium veneer treatment Yaman Dent clinic offers.

One of the leading organizations in the health sector is Yaman Dent Clinic. We are working hard to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality and level of service.

We have equipped our center with state-of-the-art equipment. We also prepare a suitable treatment plan for each of our patients. Thus, we succeed in making everyone who applies to us happy and leaves happy faces behind with personalized treatments.

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What is Zirconium Veneer?

Zirconium veneer is a sub-type of porcelain veneer. While standard porcelain veneers are made, metal surfaces adhere to the teeth.

These metal surfaces can sometimes cause metallic discoloration on the gums. To prevent this, zirconium surfaces compatible with the teeth’ white color have been produced.

For this reason, zirconium coating treatment becomes a significant opportunity for you to choose for perfect results.

After the zirconium veneering treatment, every face of the tooth is white. Thus, no color fading or an aesthetically unattractive appearance is not formed. In this way, our patients can achieve precisely the results they want.

In addition, since zirconium dental crowns are made of very durable materials, their usage time is quite long. Zirconium veneer, which is no different from porcelain veneer in terms of durability, is produced by placing a white zirconium layer under the porcelain tooth contour.

Apply to Yaman Dent to have zirconium dental crowns produced with the most precision, adapt to your treatment, and make your dream.

Advantages of Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium tooth veneering has many advantages in terms of oral and dental health. Let’s list the advantages of this veneering below:

•        First, zirconium veneer, produced from raw porcelain material, is long-lasting and durable. Due to these structures, it does not adversely affect your daily life.

•        It can even be used to treat those with functional problems. For this reason, having a zirconium dental veneer affects your appearance and your life positively.

•        Zirconium dental veneers are one of the best solutions to make you happy in terms of aesthetics. Thanks to the white part on the back surface of zirconium dental crowns, your teeth can look perfectly white.

•        Metal adhesive surfaces used in porcelain coating may cause a metallic appearance. However, thanks to the development of zirconium technology, this disadvantage has wholly disappeared.

•        You can also perform your zirconium veneer treatment in Yaman Dent’s private practice without any problems. We offer you a smooth and fast service with our expert doctors and state-of-the-art equipment.

•        You can experience your perfect smile in the mirror as soon as possible and say hello to the new period of your life.

You can also choose Yaman Dent to benefit from all these advantages and gain self-confidence with zirconium coating treatment.

Confidence and Happiness Together

As the Yaman Dent team, we have been making great efforts to improve our country’s oral and dental health services for years. We follow new developments every day, even every hour. Thus, we plan to bring you to your dreams in the fastest and safest way with modern treatments.

We are constantly improving our clinic and care about our patients’ feedback. We want to emphasize the following within the scope of zirconium veneer. We work every day to perfect the Yaman Dent name. In addition, we pay special attention and care to each of our patients. Those who choose us will never regret it.

From the moment you step into our clinic, you understand how much we love our job. You will also feel how much we care about you.

Advice from our experts, fast processing, modern solutions, comfortable treatments, and much more are waiting for you at Yaman Dent.

Please take advantage of our special oral and dental health services, especially zirconium veneer. Therefore, please apply to our clinic with peace of mind. Remember, your smile is precious to us!

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