Dental Implant Turkey

Dental Implant Turkey
Dental Implant Turkey

Are your dentures bothering you? Do you have a gap in your mouth due to missing teeth? If your answer is ‘yes,’ a perfect solution for your dental problems will be a dental implant Turkey. And, if high-quality dental implant prices are high in your country, you can choose Turkey.

Yaman dent in Istanbul offers international patients an affordable implant solution without sacrificing material quality. Yaman dent specialists use guaranteed, long-lasting global implant brands for implant treatment.

For this reason, you will not have any problems with the implant when you return to your country. Also, Yaman dent offers you the best quality service at an affordable price. So, in this article, you can learn every detail about dental implants and the cost of dental implants in Turkey.

What is a Dental Implant?

The dental implant Turkey technique involves a small titanium screw inserted into your jawbone. Specialists make implants instead of missing or needing teeth in the lower and upper jaw. And titanium is a functional and healthy material that integrates with human bone. For this reason, dental implants are made of titanium.

As a result, the specialist creates a fixed artificial tooth root with the implant. If more than one tooth is missing along the same row (three or more), the specialist will attach an implant bridge to the implants. In this way, your teeth look natural as the implant integrates with the jawbone.

The word ‘implant’ refers to a screw made of titanium that is implanted directly into the jawbone. Also, the ‘implant abutment’ is the small attachment that connects the implant to the crown. Thus, specialists complete dental implant treatment with a ‘porcelain crown.’

In the scope of the title, ‘Dental implant Turkey,’ we can say that: Yaman dent is a professional hospital for implants. Also, based on its 12 years of experience, Yaman dent provides you with the best service for this method.

Best Country for Dental Implants 2022

First, the best country for dental implants 2022 is Turkey. You will understand the reasons for this as you read our article. Also, Yaman dent, located in Istanbul in Turkey, is a leading healthcare institution in dental implants.

In addition, Yaman dent is a health institution that provides VIP services to its patients. This clinic is licensed and supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Yaman dent dental clinic has high standards. It offers dental implant packages to you at a very affordable price.

Depending on the title, ‘Dental implant Turkey,’ we can say that: It is easy to make an appointment with Yaman dent clinic wherever you are in the world.

When you arrive in Turkey, Yaman dent will pick you up from the airport and place you in your hotel. It does this service professionally at an affordable price.

The experts at the Yaman dent clinic are experienced and professional. They closely follow the latest technology and developments in implants. So, you can take advantage of the superior dental technology service of the Yaman dent clinic in Turkey.

One thing you should not forget is that the dental implant cost in Yaman dent Clinic in Turkey is suitable for your budget.

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How is Dental İmplant Turkey made?

The dental implant Turkey stage involves installing artificial teeth into the mouth. The specialists use various methods, but the most common is placing the implants into the jawbone.

This is done through surgery, and the implants are left to heal for some time. Once the implants have healed, the artificial teeth can then be placed onto the implants.

The recovery process for dental implant surgery is typically short, and most people can return to their normal activities within a few days. Also, there may be some discomfort and swelling during the healing period. But this is usually mild and can be managed with over-the-counter medication.

An implant tooth can last many years but is not permanent. You may need to have the implant repaired over time.

Tooth Implants Turkey

Turkey is a country that offers quality medical treatment at an affordable price following the latest technology. For the US, EU citizens, British, and patients from the Middle East, Turkey is a country that provides professional medical services.

Turkey is among the most preferred countries, especially in dental care, hair transplantation, and aesthetic surgery.

Why Should You Choose Turkish Teeth İmplants?

  1. Dental Implant Turkey Cost: If you examine the dental implant prices of other countries, you will see that they are much higher than in Turkey. If you have an implant procedure in Turkey, you will save money. In addition, full-mouth dental implants in Turkey are cheaper than in other countries.
  2. Short Waiting Time: If you make an appointment with the Yaman dent clinic, you will start your treatment as soon as possible. In some countries, it is necessary to wait for a long time for dental treatment.
  3. Quality of Care: In recent years, the success rate of health institutions has increased in Turkey. One of the best options among these is the Yaman Surgical Medical Center. Depending on the title, ‘Dental implant Turkey,’ we can say that: The Yaman dent department in the medical center offers you quality and professional service.
  4. Implant Dentistry: We have experienced dentists in Turkey who are fully licensed, knowledgeable, and have the right expertise to carry out dental implant procedures. People in Turkey and abroad are satisfied with Yaman dent’s favor based on 12 years of experience. For this reason, you can choose Turkey for dental treatments without hesitation.
  5. Combined Holiday: Istanbul is Turkey’s most important tourist destination. In the scope of the title, ‘Dental implant Turkey,’ we can say that: Wherever you live, you can easily travel to Turkey. You can experience the best holiday in Istanbul.

Porcelain Veneer

All on Four Implants 

The method of four dental implants placed at certain angles in edentulous patients is called ‘All on Four Implants.’ An important advantage of this method is that the dental prosthesis is fixed for the patient on the same day. Depending on the title, ‘Dental implant Turkey,’ let’s check out the features of all on four treatments:

  • Specialists make the implant treatment plan according to the patient’s needs. With this technique, you get an aesthetic appearance and a smiling face that is specially planned for you.
  • We apply it to patients without teeth with a single surgical procedure on the same day. In addition, with this technique, we make fixed dental prostheses for the patient.
  • If you cannot use the mobile dental prosthesis, ‘All on Four Implants’ suits you. Moreover, you can choose this technique if you have a nausea reflex.
  • In the scope of the title, ‘Dental implant Turkey,’ we can say that: There is no bone grafting in this technique. In addition, we do not perform any advanced surgical procedures such as sinus elevation.
  • The design of this technique is different from the total dental prosthesis. It is easy to use and get used to as it does not cover your palate.
  • It is easy to clean and take care of them.
  • All on four implant cost in Turkey is lower than the classic dental implant method.
  • The number of sessions required in this technique is low. You can choose all on four implants if you reside outside of Istanbul or abroad.

Yaman dent All on Four Implants Stages

As Yaman dent, we first perform a detailed clinical and radiological examination of the patients for whom we plan all on four treatments. In the scope of the title, ‘Dental implant Turkey,’ we can say that: By making measurements on computerized tomography (BT), we provide proper planning for the patient.

The procedure of this technique consists of two stages: Surgical and prosthetic. On the treatment day, we placed four dental implants on the patient. Then, on the same day, we fix the temporary denture on the dental implants. After three months, we make permanent dental prostheses for the patient.

Thus, thanks to Yaman dent’s professional team, the patient has teeth that can be used easily and look aesthetically pleasing. Finally, let’s say that full-mouth dental implant costs are quite affordable in Yaman dent Clinic.

Dental Implant

Turkey Dental İmplants Cost

How much does dental implant Turkey price? There are many reasons why dental implants are cheaper in Turkey. Let’s check out the reasons below:

  • One reason is that the cost of living in Turkey is significantly lower than in the United States and some other countries.
  • Another reason is that the government in Turkey has invested heavily in the country’s healthcare system, resulting in lower healthcare costs.

In the chart below, let’s explain the implant price in Euro currency according to some countries:

As you can see, the chart gives an implant price for Turkey, Korea, Germany, and the USA. It is seen in the graph that tooth implant Turkey cost is the most appropriate. Yaman dent offers you the most affordable price using the latest technology and the best materials in implant treatment.

In addition, Yaman dent offers you a transfer service from the airport. It arranges the hotel for you to stay in. In the scope of the title, ‘Dental implant Turkey,’ let us inform you about the prices of the hotels you will stay in:

  • You have to pay for a 5-star hotel at 75 Euro/ for one night.
  • The price you have to pay for a 3-star hotel is 45 Euro/ for one night.

Let’s explain an important point here: If you are going to stay at the hotel for a longer time, we would like to point out that you will pay extra.

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Dentally Implant Turkey

As a dental implant Turkey clinic in Istanbul, our service is one of the best in the city. We offer many services, from teeth whitening to dental implants. It is our first duty to protect the health and satisfaction of our patients who come to Yaman dent clinic in Turkey.

Our patients are our guests. Our staff is friendly and professional, and we always put the patient first. Your dental health is the only thing we care about.

As a result, Turkey is at an excellent level in implant treatment. Located in Istanbul, Yaman dent is a professional in dental implant in Turkey with 12 years of experience.


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