Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment
root canal

Our teeth have large roots that extend below our jawbones. First, depending on the title, ‘root canal treatment,’ we can say that:  These deep chambers where the vessels and nerves are dense are called the pulp.

The pulps are very sensitive areas against infection. Even a tiny growth of bacteria in these areas can cause significant pain. Therefore, we should keep our teeth clean and prevent these infections that can cause tooth loss.

Although we try to prevent it, traumas, acidic foods, and untreated caries can cause pulp infection. Here, cleaning the infected pulp and filling it in a way that does not cause pain is called root endodontic treatment.

As Yaman Dent, we have achieved great success even in deeply infected teeth for a long time. We relieve our patients’ pain by performing canal treatment specific to live teeth in a single session.

You can also make an appointment to relieve your pain that lasts for days, eat comfortably and say hello to happy days. If no precautions are taken, you can solve this problem early, which can lead to serious problems or even multiple tooth loss.

How Make is Root Treatment?

Endodontic (canal) treatment is a beneficial and particular procedure professionally performed by Yaman Dent endodontists.

Inflammation occurs in the root canals of the tooth. Inflammation in these areas, where nerves and vessels are concentrated, causes severe pain to the patient. This area is cleaned with endodontic treatment. This way, people can continue their lives and end their suffering.

All necessary oral and dental health examinations are performed in the professional clinic of Yaman Dent. After our dentists complete the root canal treatment, patients can use their teeth for a long time without any problems. Meanwhile, our experts will examine you first. In particular, they receive radiographic imaging. They will then explain to you which treatment you should receive.

Thus, the process is both smoother and takes less time. In addition, the area does not become infected again for many years after endodontic treatment. You can say hello to a comfortable life in terms of oral and dental health.

What are the Stages of Endodontic Treatment?

  • Our specialists prevent patients from experiencing pain by applying local anesthesia before starting the treatment. You can easily get your treatment done without feeling any pain during the procedure and within hours. You may experience the complete disappearance of your pain.
  • Then, our specialists thoroughly clean the superficial inflammation and prevent the infection from reaching deep. With our modern tools used for root canal treatment, our doctors can effectively reach the tooth’s pulp.
  • The infected parts of the pulp are completely cleaned with rotating instruments. And this area is cleared of nerves and vessels. No matter how deep the infection is, it is essential to clean it thoroughly.
  • If the endodontic treatment is not done completely, the pain may not go away. The infection can even spread to neighboring teeth. This is a significant problem that requires more complex treatment.

If you want a perfect root canal treatment done entirely professionally, you can entrust yourself to the service of our endodontists with peace of mind.

We prioritize your health with decades of experience, special procedures, technological equipment, and many other quality privileges in our clinic.

We use all our means so that you can use your teeth actively again as soon as possible. Thanks to Yaman Dent’s private root canal treatment service, you can observe how much we value oral and dental health care.

Exclusive and Professional Service

Our mouth is a very sensitive sensory organ that is affected by the food we eat every day. Since taste and nutrition are among our primary needs, any problem in our mouth greatly affects our quality of life. Likewise, if the treatment you receive is not of good quality, your issue will not be resolved, and new problems may arise.

As Yaman Dent, we are working to meet all your needs in the field of root canal treatment and to end your toothache.

We conduct a comprehensive study with our expert endodontists. In this process, our patients do not feel any pain and can easily receive their treatment.

Moreover, if you want to be treated in a prestigious clinic that has achieved world standards in the field of root canal treatment, the doors of Yaman Dent are open to you!

It is now easy to get many services, primarily oral and dental health, at the most affordable prices.

In short, from the moment you step into our clinic, you will feel that you have come to a warm health institution. You will have a relaxing time during the treatment, and you will be able to regain your health without any problems.

Choose Yaman Dent for a privileged and professional root canal treatment service!

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