You can have a new smile thanks to the unique orthodontics service offered by Yaman Dent. So you can recreate your future! Protect your oral and dental health with this service. Solve many deformations related to your jaw and teeth permanently and uniquely.

We aim for your satisfaction with our state-of-the-art devices, professional dentists, and expert team. In our Yaman Dent Clinic, we offer you the warmth of family and fulfill all your wishes.

This branch of dentistry generally deals with the alignment and symmetry of the teeth, regardless of whether the jaw is anterior or posterior. You can choose any unique treatment options for you in these areas and invest in your future.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true with Yaman Dent’s modern treatment options?

What Oral and Dental Health Problems Does Orthodontics Deal With?

Orthodontics is an essential branch of dentistry that deals with structural disorders of the jaw and teeth. Unsymmetrical teeth, crooked growth, gaps between them, and inability to close easily are among orthodontic problems.

Many factors, such as the time of eruption of milk teeth, childhood habits, and genetic reasons, can affect the alignment of the teeth.

However, there may be gaps between genetically small teeth. On the other hand, teeth can sometimes overlap when they are large.

Apart from this, the position of the lower and upper jaws is another problem that falls within the field of orthodontic expertise.

Congenital or acquired jaw problems can create limitations in aesthetics and functionality.

With the multidisciplinary treatment options combined with maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics, Yaman Dent patients expect perfect results.

Thanks to our experts, you can quickly solve orthodontic problems and experience one of the world’s best oral and dental health services.

Professional Orthodontic Solutions with Yaman Dent

We have state-of-the-art machinery, experts, and an experienced team. Our Yaman Dent clinic offers you a comprehensive and perfectly planned orthodontic service. Here are some of our unique services:

1.     Braces and Bracket Treatments

When it comes to orthodontics, many people think of braces and brackets. Braces treatment, used in treating the main shape and symmetry disorders of the teeth, reaches very high levels with Yaman Dent.

We aim to fulfill the wishes of the people who trust us in the best way with the treatment options we have developed for each of our patients.

We use the highest quality materials and make great efforts to ensure that the treatment is concluded as soon as possible.

You can also contact our specialists for all your problems related to your teeth. You can experience Yaman Dent quality. Moreover, Yaman Dent, one of the few names in Turkey in the field of orthodontic braces and bracket treatment, is always with you!

2.     Invisible Braces Treatment in the Lingual Area

Lingual brackets are applied to people who do not have a significant structural disorder, have advanced bracket treatment, and do not want to experience visual impairment.

An effective treatment is provided thanks to the brackets placed on the back of the teeth facing the tongue. In addition, there is no obstacle in terms of appearance.

It is effortless to benefit from the benefits of all bracket and wire treatments and continue the normal flow of your life with Yaman Dent quality!

Jaw Surgery Care and Preparation Treatments

Any defect or congenital problems that occur in the jaw can significantly affect human life. With Yaman Dent’s orthodontic solutions, maxillofacial surgery now gives perfect results.

Problems related to the lower and upper jaw can be prepared for jaw surgery with unique treatment methods, which we call orthognathic solutions. Thus, maxillofacial surgery can give much better results.

With Yaman Dent, you can reach modern solutions in every field of orthodontics. We make your dreams come true in our fully equipped center. In short, we both make all our patients who trust us happy and achieve their desired results.

Treatments for Genetic Disorders

Our oral and dental health solutions often encounter genetic disorders and familial problems. Our orthodontists take an active role in solving these problems. Orthodontic treatment methods often solve further lip problems and jaw clefts.

Therefore, you can apply to Yaman Dent if you want to eliminate these problems and benefit from our privileged oral and dental health services.

We plan to make our valued patients happy, who prefer us in the oral and dental health sector. We have been solving orthodontic problems for years. Therefore, you can be sure that we are experts in this field.

You can contact us if you want to receive one of Turkey’s most respected and comfortable services. We make your dreams come true with professional tools in all the abovementioned areas.

Thanks to Yaman Dent’s new generation orthodontics services, it is now much easier to have happy smiles!

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