Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Our children are our most valuable assets. That’s why we should design their lives in the best possible way and do our best for them, especially their health.

As Yaman Dent, we are making great efforts to spread the importance of the pediatric dentistry department all over Turkey. Many problems that may occur in the future can be prevented with regular check-ups, especially from a young age. Taking your children for a check-up at an authorized center from a young age can prevent them from experiencing fear of the dentist.

Our private Pedodontic clinic provides our little ones with the best quality, most comfortable, and most appropriate service. Thus, we help them overcome their fear of the dentist and do our best to make them comfortable.

Professional Yaman Dent Clinic

Together with our pedodontists, we have adopted a child-specific health approach as a principle. This way, we can address and negotiate with them more easily and ensure that their treatment is best organized.

Apart from this, pediatric dentistry is essential for your children to have a much healthier oral structure in the coming years. Because milk teeth are temporarily seen among the public and fall out, these teeth are of no importance to people.

However, caries in milk teeth can affect natural teeth, and prematurely lost milk teeth can lead to deformities in the future. At the same time, with early intervention, genetic disorders can be treated without causing significant problems in the future.

You can benefit from the best pediatric oral and dental health service in our country at Yaman Dent’s professional clinic.

Why is Pedodontics Important?

Adult dentistry and oral and dental health practices are generally performed for therapeutic purposes. In the pediatric period, these applications are for prevention. Well, ‘Why is pedodontics important?’ let’s explain below:

•        For our children to lead a happier life in the future, they should be regularly examined by the dentist. We conduct a detailed screening of your child’s oral and dental health at the Yaman Dent pediatric dentistry clinic.

•        We examine all problems in detail and perform screening tests. With our supportive treatments, we prevent problems before they even start.

•        On the other hand, we all know the fear of the dentist in childhood. Our dentists’ duty is to prevent this fear and ensure that our children receive the right service.

•        Every detail, from our specialists’ special training to our clinic’s architecture, has been designed so our children can receive the best service.

•        Another importance of pedodontics is in the solution of genetic problems. Especially in genetic syndromes with mouth deformities, the effect of early diagnosis and treatment is relatively high.

•        Jawbone treatments that start in childhood give much more positive results than adults.

When you come to Yaman Dent, you can be sure that your child will not be afraid and will leave our clinic with a happy face. For this reason, you can get comprehensive and well-equipped pediatric dentistry service with Yaman Dent’s assurance and make your child smile happily.

Your Children Are in Safe Hands at Yaman Dent Clinic

Our professional dentists provide our pedodontic service to the 0-13 age group. Thus, your children receive all kinds of oral and dental health services of the highest quality.

Our clinic responds to all your needs with state-of-the-art instruments and equipped pedodontists. You will feel Yaman Dent’s warmth and professional approach as soon as you walk through the door.

•        We can successfully correct tooth fractures and trauma-related injuries frequently seen in children.

•        Our pediatric dentistry department makes necessary orthodontic interventions at an early age. These treatments are resolved quickly, and we prevent future deformations.

•        We offer professional solutions to problems such as the cleft palate and jawbone deformities that create genetic barriers for your children.

•        We treat caries and gum problems with our expert dentists. In addition, we take care of both milk and natural teeth in the best way.

The expert team of Yaman Dent is working hard to serve you with its long years of experience. You can come to our clinic with your child, witness our services firsthand, and find instant solutions to all your problems.

Milk Tooth Fillings and Treatments

The cavities detected by the dentist in the dental controls of the children are destroyed without causing any pain in the child. In other words, the caries of these teeth are cleaned, and FILLER is made. When the caries is cleaned, if it is close to the primary tooth canal or has reached the canal, amputations, and filling, which we call half-canal treatment, are performed. Both of these processes are done and completed in a single session.

If the child comes to thepediatric dentistry department with pain or an abscess formation in the lower part of the tooth, MILK CANAL TREATMENT is performed. The pulp, which we call the neurovascular package of the tooth, is cleaned, and the dressing is done. After the tooth has healed, the treatment is completed with a root canal filling and filling. This process can sometimes take several sessions.

In some cases, it may be too late for filling or root canal treatment. The child’s teeth that broken and  can not be treated may need to be extracted. In these cases, the PLACE RETAINER method is a treatment applied only in children to provide space for the permanent tooth that will come from below without losing the position of the extracted tooth.

Floor Application and Fissure Seal Treatment

Permanent teeth replace milk teeth in children aged 6-13. The development of permanent teeth continues after they come to the mouth. During this period, the pediatric dentistry department makes FLOOR APPLICATION to make the teeth more resistant to caries and to strengthen them.

Another essential form of treatment in pediatric dentistry is the FISSURE Seal application. Because the first molar, which lasts at the age of 6-7, is thought to be a milk tooth by the families, and they ignore caries in the child. Also, the children cannot brush their teeth well at that age. Therefore, caries on these teeth can progress very quickly.

A protective layer is used in the FISSURE Seal treatment. It is made in the form of a thin layer on the tooth cavity prone to caries, delaying or even preventing caries formation. Thus, early decay of molar teeth is prevented.

Hand in Hand with Your Children to the Future

We are aware that the most significant value for us is our children. That’s why we care for them and work day and night to get the best treatment.

We have started a new era in pediatric dentistry with our valuable team. In addition, we continue our work with our principles from the past and our contemporary approaches.

Thanks to Yaman Dent’s innovative approach, fear of the dentist is a thing of the past! You can come to Yaman Dent for easy procedures, happy faces, and excellent results. Many services, especially pedodontics, await you under this warm roof. Let Yaman Dent’s pediatric dentistry be your first address if you want to set sail for a happy future with your children!

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