What are Emax Veneers?

Emax Veneers
Emax veneer in Turkey

Emax Veneers

One type of dental veneer used in aesthetic dental surgery is the Emax veneer. You can find detailed information about zirconium veneer and porcelain veneer in our article series on our website. Emax veneers are a solid and durable veneer type.

Which can have a thickness of approximately 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm, and quickly adapt to the tooth. It is a popular veneer preferred by people who want a beautiful tooth design and smile. It has been used frequently in aesthetic dentistry, especially in the last ten years. It offers good durability thanks to its wear-resistant structure.

If you think you need dental veneers, you should do good research. Choosing an expert clinic in the field gains importance in Emax veneer treatment. The specialist clinician is a dentist. It is an effective parameter in adapting the veneer to your tooth in your choice of veneer type.

You can get information from your doctor during your treatment. You can also reach people who make benefit from their experiences.

A scientific study in 2021 determined that the teeth previously covered with composite veneer provide a more durable structure when they are restored by applying Emax veneer afterward.

How long is the life of Emax Veneers?

Veneers can serve long when attention is paid to oral and dental health, and tough foods are not consumed.

The average duration is around 10-15 years. Although Emax veneers are also thin, they offer good wear resistance and durability. Thanks to its light structure, it is preferred by aesthetic dentists because it can be processed efficiently.

Why should I have Emax veneer?

  • Its most important advantage is its thin structure. This delicacy can make you feel like there is no veneer in your mouth.
  • Having a durable structure
  • Being resistant to abrasion
  • Easy to shape
  • Ability to establish a stronger bond with tooth enamel
  • Having a more durable structure than porcelain veneers
  • It can be seen as natural teeth
  • Does not stain
  • Color option

Emax veneer’s cons

  • It is durable. However, it is not as durable as zirconium crowns.
  • Expensive
  • It is permanent. It cannot be removed after application.

What are the Emax veneer application steps?

When you decide to have an Emax veneer, one step is to choose the veneer color. You can decide for yourself which color veneer you will have. After selecting the color, your mouth measurement should be taken.

For the veneer process that is fully compatible with your tooth structure, your teeth are molded, and Emax veneers have adhered to your teeth. A rehabilitation process is needed to speed up the adaptation process of Emax veneers to your teeth and to ensure full adhesion.

The adhesion process can also be accelerated, sometimes by using special beams to speed up the healing process.

Catch the great smile

Dental veneers are a tool people use to hide imperfections in their teeth. A more straightforward method is to have a dental veneer where a dental implant is not required. People with no problems with their teeth can only choose one of the teeth whitening methods.

Whichever method you use, you will need professional help. You should also research one clinic that provides the best service in this area. Once you have found the right clinic, you must list your wishes with your dentist to capture your wonderful smile.

Your dentist, who receives your feedback, will initiate the most appropriate dental treatment for you. After choosing the proper dental implant or dental veneer (Zirconium, porcelain, Emax veneer) options, the tooth design stages are started in a way that is compatible with your oral structure.

In our previous Hollywood Smile article, we mentioned ideal smile combinations. Now you can enjoy the rest of your life with your perfect smile.

Emax Veneers Cost in Turkey

Emax veneer is an expensive veneer. Emax veneers can be made at an average price of $100-$350 per tooth in Turkey.

For example, in Austria, average fees range between $800-$1600. It can be made in the UK at a starting price of $750. Emax veneer in Turkey is affordable, as in all other dental operations.

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