How long does teeth whitening last?

Long teeth whitening
teeth whitening

Long teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the method people use to have beautiful white teeth. Over time, our teeth begin to lose their natural color. In the teeth whitening application, our teeth are filled with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, giving them a white appearance. The model, called the Hollywood smile in the popular aesthetic dental surgery field, has attracted attention in recent years.

Those who want beautiful-looking teeth with a smile design have recently had the teeth whitening process done frequently, in addition to other aesthetic dental applications. Home bleaching or Office type (chairside bleaching) bleaching applications can be chosen according to the people’s budgets. Home applications are practically teeth whitening at home, and the effect life is less than Office type whitening. The office-type whitening process can last up to 2-3 years if care is taken.

The importance and care people give to dental health are directly related to keeping the teeth white. Teeth whitening effect varies according to the intensity of smoking, coffee, tea, and alcohol use. The materials used for teeth whitening are also directly related to the duration of tooth whitening.

Advice for long-lasting white teeth

If you want to see the maximum benefit for a long time after whitening your teeth, the advice we will give you will be beneficial.

  • Avoid beverages such as tea, coffee, and wine as much as possible or try to consume them at a minimum level.
  • Brush your teeth twice, morning and evening.
  • Make sure to use mouthwash and toothpaste.
  • Reduce smoking
  • Do not eat or go to bed after brushing your teeth at night.
  • Take care to use whitening toothpaste
  • Avoid foods and drinks containing food coloring. Even if you have consumed it, rinse your mouth with plenty of water afterward.
  • Do not consume foods or beverages harmful to the teeth for at least 24 hours after the teeth whitening application.
  • You can learn about household bleaches and apply them yourself at home.

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Dental hygiene tips

It is one of the conditions we need to pay attention to in our oral and dental health for a healthy and quality life. To protect our oral and dental health, we must regularly do our dental care. Our teeth must look healthy and straight, especially to achieve aesthetic smiles. A person who has a teeth whitening application has hygiene rules that must be followed for the continuity of teeth whiteness. We can divide the types of dental hygiene into specific categories.

Toothpaste use: It is crucial to use toothpaste for dental hygiene. Choosing the right toothpaste is also important, especially in cleaning sensitive teeth.

Brushing our teeth regularly before going to bed: if the food waste accumulated in our mouth during the day is not cleaned, it also causes the destruction of our teeth during the night, and this destruction continues continuously. We must brush our teeth regularly before going to bed every day.

Gargling: In dental care, it is necessary to use mouthwash, especially fluoride mouthwash.

Reviewing our eating habits: Our eating habits are also crucial for dental health. We should remember its relationship with healthy nutrition to maintain our dental health.

Avoid acidic and sugary foods: Acidic and sugary foods and beverages harm tooth enamel. It damages the gums and tooth enamel by causing bacteria formation. Avoiding such foods is very important for our dental health.

Regular dental check-ups: It is recommended by experts to have regular dental check-ups every six months.

Learning the correct brushing technique: the proper brushing technique is essential for dental care. Brushing should be done by holding the toothbrush at an angle of 45 °C. There is no need to use large amounts of toothpaste. During brushing, we need to make circular movements in a soft and oval shape, not hard.

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