What are Nobel Implants?

Nobel Implants
Nobel implants

Nobel Implants

Dental implants are defined as artificial teeth that replace damaged teeth. Reading our previous article series, you can get detailed information about dental implants. A dental implant, one of the typical applications in the field of aesthetic dental surgery, is one of the most valid dental applications worldwide.

Ceramic implants, titanium implants, and zirconium implants, which are different types of implants, are the types of implants used in practice. Nobel implants are also popular implant types and are used in modern dental implant treatment.

With the developments in the technological fields, the treatment methods in the dental field are beginning to offer diversity every day. Implants, used only to contain a few techniques and applications, now provide a greater variety of designs and materials.

What is a Nobel Biocare implant?

Nobel implants is a Swedish dental implant brand. The Nobel implant model, whose origin dates back to the 1960s and is the product of the Nobel Biocare brand established in 1981, is widely used worldwide. Nobel implant models, which have 33 different types, are adjusted and used following each tooth type.

Canada, Mexico, and the United States in the Americas; Australia, China, India, Japan, and New Zealand in the Asian continent; In Europe, there is a service network in countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Turkey. The company, which has a service network in our country, offers high-quality dental implants.

Why should we choose a Nobel implant?

Nobel implants offer a titanium material structure. All dentists have now approved the success of titanium in implant treatments. User satisfaction is also very high. Nobel implants produced using 4th-grade titanium adapt to the shape of the tooth root and give successful results in the placement of your tooth root.

What are the most applied Nobel implant types?

Nobel speedy: It is a commonly used type of implant. It offers a length from 7 mm to 25 mm and a diameter of 3-6 mm. It is made of titanium. Its use in soft bone structures gives better results.

Nobel direct is an implant with a specially designed connection shape and a conical body. It has a length of 8-16 mm and a diameter of 4-6 mm. In addition, thanks to its one-piece structure, it is easy to place on the tooth.

Nobel active: It is an easy implant to apply on the tooth. Since it is produced from titanium material, it gives an excellent strength property. For this reason, it provides ease of use even in the face of complex dental problems. It has a diameter of 3.5-5 mm and a length of 10-15 mm. It can also be used on soft and hard bones.

NobelPearl: Thanks to its metal-free structure, it offers use for ceramic implants. It has a two-piece construction. It is particularly suitable for patients with metal allergies. Thanks to the zirconium it contains, it can offer a soft texture feature. It provides better strength and a more aesthetic appearance than ceramic implants.

Nobel parallel: Nobel parallel implants, a product of Nobel Biocare, have a cylindrical structure. The treatment period is short. Depending on the usage, it can offer a long service life. It has a diameter of 3-5 mm and a length of 7-18 mm.


  • Longevity
  • Easy applicability
  • Suitability for single tooth use or complete jaw surgery applications
  • Having a durable structure thanks to its titanium structure.
  • Adaptation to the gingiva and tooth root
  • Having received FDA approval
  • Offers high anchorage
  • Reaching healthy teeth
  • A nice smile
  • Presenting a natural-looking tooth structure
  • High usage satisfaction
  • Widespread service network
  • Preferred in most countries of the world

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