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Teeth Whitening Before and After Results

You may want to know every detail about teeth whitening before and after the procedure before starting the teeth whitening process. The teeth whitening at dentist is generally done in a single session. However, gradual progress and time are required for teeth whitening at home.

You may also encounter some methods where you will see very few noticeable results. These can be brands that make false claims, natural whitening methods, and mouthwashes.

In this article, let’s answer questions about when teeth whitening should be done and who should not apply for this procedure. In addition, let’s talk about the duration of the teeth whitening before and after process and the risks that may occur after the procedure. In this article, we state that as Yaman Dent clinic, we provide the best dental care services.

When to Apply Teeth Whitening?

Family meetings, weddings, conferences, or important social events are in our lives. If you have such an important event, planning your teeth whitening in advance would be good. Let’s state the following within the scope of teeth whitening before and after results.  We recommend having the teeth whitening procedure about four or five weeks before the special occasion.

This time will be enough for you to get the result if you whiten your teeth with the kit at home. It’s also time enough for you to overcome the temporary sensitivity caused by teeth whitening.

Using the whitening plates before going to bed at night will be beneficial for home whitening. This is because teeth are porous structures. When you apply the whitening gel, the tooth pores are opened very little. If you eat and drink while the pores of your teeth are open, your teeth will become stained. However, if you whiten your teeth before going to bed, the pores of your teeth will open during sleep. During this time, the gel will show its effect without the risk of staining your teeth.

Who Cannot Have Teeth Whitening?

Everyone generally experiences the problem of staining or discoloration of the teeth. For example, tea, coffee, or red wine causes stains on the teeth over time. Smoking and taking certain medications cause discoloration of the teeth.

In short, some causes of the yellowing of teeth are beyond our control. In addition, as you get older, teeth appear more yellow because the enamel thins out. Professional teeth whitening procedures make your smile perfect.

But teeth whitening may not be suitable for everyone. So, who can’t get their teeth whitening done effectively? Let’s state the following within the scope of teeth whitening before and after results.

  • Pregnant or lactating women,
  • Those who have restorations such as dental bridges, fillings, crowns, implants
  • And those with gum disease,
  • People with sensitive teeth,
  • Those whose tooth root is exposed,
  • People with dental caries, cavities,
  • Those looking for unrealistic results,
  • And those who are allergic to bleaching agents such as peroxide,
  • Those under 16 years old.

How Long Does the Teeth Whitening Process Take?

Let’s state the following within the scope of teeth whitening before and after results. If you get teeth whitening at Yaman Dent dental clinic, the dentist will do the procedure quickly and effectively. After the procedure, our patients leave the office with their teeth at least two to three tons lighter than they are.

Our dentists perform the best teeth whitening process in an average of 60 minutes. In addition, it may take a few sessions to reach the tone, depending on the amount of whitening your smile needs. As a result, procedures before and after teeth whitening at dentist must also be repeated regularly and continuously.

What Are Possible Teeth Whitening Results?

Teeth whitening causes a temporary increase in sensitivity to touch, temperature, and pressure. Some patients experience zingers, or spontaneous shooting pains, down the middle of their front teeth.

Some degree of gum irritation occurs due to the concentration of bleach used in the bleaching process. This type of irritation lasts up to several days. It then dissipates after bleaching stops or the peroxide concentration drops.

Structures such as dental crowns or veneers are not affected by bleaching. Therefore, these restored structures retain their default color while whitening surrounding teeth. This result is called technicolor teeth.

You will see the most effective teeth whitening process at the dentist’s clinic with professional whitening procedures for teeth whitening before and after results. However, you can learn about home whitening options that provide visible results and are much more affordable from the dentist.


How much does dental care cost in Turkey?

Dental care in Turkey is very convenient compared to European countries and the USA. Teeth whitening cost, laboratory costs and operation costs are more affordable in Turkey. Turkish dentists can fulfill their medical duties after receiving a good education. In addition, dentists use quality and restorative materials.

Is it worth getting teeth professionally whitened?

Yaman Dent dentists use safe and effective professional teeth whiteners. Thus, patients improve their smiles by getting long-lasting, safe results. In other words, it is best to do the teeth whitening process under the supervision of a professional dentist.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The effects of teeth whitening can last from 6 months to 2 or 3 years. In other words, this will vary from person to person. If your teeth are whitened, try not to consume things that will stain your teeth, such as cigarettes, tea, and coffee. In addition, you should always meticulously comply with dental and oral hygiene.

Is whitening teeth damaging?

There is a possibility that the gums of patients with already sensitive teeth may be sensitive to the chemicals used in teeth whitening service. There is also the possibility of burning the gums. Some whitening kits, especially used at home without the advice of a professional teeth whitening dentist, can damage the enamel.

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